Frequently Answered Questions

Where Can I Play?

Each association in Pop Warner has boundries for players.  All players must play at the association they are zoned for.  Visit our association page to find the Pop Warner association closest to you.

How Long Is The Season?

Pop Warner begins August 1 of each year.  The regular season generally runs to the end of October, with regional playoffs and competition in November.  The Pop Warner National Championship is the first part of December for teams and squads fortunate enought to make it.

Chain Of Command and Who Do I Contact?

Here is a reminder to all as to whom you should contact in the event of a problem.


If there is a problem with your child's team or coach, the Chain of Command is as follows-

Team Parent - Head Coach - Football Commissioner or Cheer Coordinator - Association President - Association Board of Directors.

When do you contact Conference? There are only three people from your Association who can contact Conference, your Association President, Football Commissioner or Cheer Coordinator. If you have an issue that you believe should come to the attention of the Conference,please do this through one of your three Conference Representatives. If you have a grievance with your Association Board of Directors, then and only then may you submit a FORMAL grievance IN WRITING to the President of First Coast Conference.

When do I contact National Pop Warner? In a word, NEVER! National Pop Warner doesn't hear complaints from anyone. Decisions of the First Coast Conference are FINAL! If you contact National, it will be kicked back to the Conference and you can guarantee that someone will either be fined or suspended for going beyond the chain of command!

ALWAYS try to resolve the issue within the team before going up to chain. Remember, your Association Officers are there to make sure that football and cheer teams are run according to the rules; they are NOT there to tell coaches how or who to coach.


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